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[x]LJ name of the person who made the challenge: _____neurotic
[x]Title: Dirty Nerdy Talk
[x]Fandom(s): Green Day
[x]Pairings{s}: Billie/Tre
[x]Summary: Nerd!Billie porn. Not much else to say about this one.
[x]Disclaimer: If I owned them they would still be making CDs like Nimrod and Dookie.

Billie scrunched his nose up, the thick rims of the fake glasses sliding back up. The sweater was itchy, and he wanted to run his hands through his hair badly, but he would be scolded and it wasn’t worth it.

So, that left him squirming on Tre’s hotel bed, staring up at the ceiling and wondering what the hell was so hot about the nerd look. He inched over, looking at himself in the mirror that hung from the wall.

Billie sighed and rolled his eyes. He looked like one of the kids he had picked on when he was in high school. One of the boring, chess club, school president wannabe types. But, he thought silently, it shouldn’t have been that big of a surprise that Tre had a nerd kink. It was the one and only Tre Cool he was dealing with, after all.

Finally, the door opened and Tre came in, freed from the makeup and dress that he’d been in only hours before. He beamed, his eyes, always so stoned looking, went over Billie’s outfit. It made his smile brighter.

Tre undid the buttons on his shirt and pushed it off, letting it drop to the floor. Billie looked at it, making a mental note to pick it up on the way out. Tre would forget it otherwise.

Tre touched the odd lines of Billie’s slicked back hair, over the bump the glasses made, and went to touch the itchy shirt. Billie didn’t mind it so much anymore. He bit back a groan when Tre’s fingers dug through the thick material of the shirt to pinch at his nipples.

Tre pushed him down, and looked him over. Billie’s knees caught the edge of the bed, and his legs hung down limply. His arms were over his head, and the sweater pulling up and his dress shirt dragging out from his pants. Tre fingered the collar of Billie’s shirt and bit his lip.

“You’re really hot like this.” Tre undid the buttons and unzipped the sweater the rest of the way. He pushed them out of the way but left them on. Billie watched, smiling a little, as Tre crawled up onto the bed, straddling him.

He could feel Tre’s erection through his ugly brown pants. It made his own cock swell a little, uncomfortable in the awkwardly tight pants. Tre leaned down to kiss him, all alcohol and smokes. Billie loved it.

Their lips met, and Billie’s tongue found a safe home in the familiar warmth of Tre’s mouth. Hands were rubbing over the scratchy fabric of the sweater over his arms, and he could barely feel it, but Tre was getting harder against his thigh and beginning to rub against him, and it was starting to get good.

Billie tipped his head back further when Tre pressed up into him, bringing their crotches together. He could feel the ounces of slick gel in his hair slide, making black strands stick up in the back at odd angles. He didn’t care. Tre thought it made him look even better.

The lenses of Billie’s glasses were fogging up. He wanted to take them off, but he didn’t want to ruin Tre’s time. So, instead, he opted for closing his eyes and sucking even harder on Tre’s sweet slick tongue. Tre’s hands had moved down, rubbing over his stomach. Billie bit down on the tongue gently.

“You suck at playing the debauched and innocent geek,” Tre murmured as he slid down the bed to undo the button and zipper of Billie’s pants.

“And debauched is a big word for you.” Billie grinned. His head fell back when Tre pushed his pants down to his knees. He laughed a little when he was pulled down the bed, his arms still thrown up over his head.

Tre stood and pushed his pants down, stepping out of them and looking at Billie again. Billie smiled. He liked this moment. He always liked it. It brought the memories of when they were just two stoned kids trying to figure out who the hell they were.

Tre dropped down. Billie squirmed at the tickle of messy hair brushing over his thighs as Tre pushed himself up between them. The pants that were still around his legs trapped Tre there, pressing him close to Billie.

Tre leaned down and kissed him again. Billie lifted his hands to fist in Tre’s hair and pulled him closer. The frames of the glasses were starting to dig into his cheeks, but he didn’t care. Not with Tre’s hands rubbing over his stomach and thighs, skirting around his erection.

“Fuck me.” Billie pressed his hips to Tre’s. He bit his lip, muffling the moan that was wanting to come out. It had been awhile.

Tre reached back into the pocket of Billie’s pants. He pulled the little tube that had been stashed there out and spilled some of the cool gel onto his fingers. Billie arched his back and cursed when two of the fingers pressed into him swiftly.

Tre grinned. There were smears of eyeliner coming down onto his cheeks, and Billie was reminded again of just how attractive he really was. Legs crossing a little behind Tre’s waist, Billie thrust his hips down, fucking himself on the fingers.

Billie clenched his eyes shut and opened his mouth. The glasses were sliding up and down his nose, and his arms were tangled in the sleeves of both shirts, but it felt good, and Tre’s other hand was playing idly with his balls.

The fingers slid out. Billie wriggled his hips. Tre’s big hands grabbed both of them, lifting him up. He slid his erection between the cleft of Billie’s ass, the head slipping inside of him every so often. Billie shook his head back and forth against the bed, too proud to beg, but so fucking horny.

Tre pushed himself inside, and Billie was appeased. The thrusts were short, trapped between bed and pants. And they were hard and Billie loved knowing it would hurt to sit in the morning. Tre’s hands were on his raised arms, pushing him down and keeping himself up. Billie wrapped his hands around Tre’s wrists, pulling him forward.

They were laying chest to chest, mouths moving together slickly in an almost kiss. Tre was sliding back and forth, both shimmering with sweat, his hips pressing forward. Billie loved the feeling. He loved the way every thrust brought his cock against Tre’s warm stomach and shot liquid pleasure up his spine at the double sensation.

Tre sucked on Billie’s neck as he sped his thrusts up, feeling the scratch of Billie’s pants against his ass each time he moved back. It was unexplainably hot, and he wanted to keep going for a long, long time. But Billie was muttering curses and making noises that were so, so nice and the glasses looked so hot on him.

Tre came, hot, sticky lines into Billie’s body. He reached a hand down, pulling Billie’s balls and rubbing his cock. Billie kept thrusting down against him, fucking himself. Tre shivered and worked his hand harder over the burning flesh in his hand.

Billie arched and came. His hair was up at all odd angles, still slick with gel, and his face was coated in sweat. The glasses were fogged, up all the way on the bridge of his nose. His arms were still trapped in the shirts, the fabrics clashing against the soft, flowery comforter of the hotel bed. Tre wanted a picture. He settled for leaving a hickey on Billie’s exposed throat. It would remind him.

“Next time…” Billie’s voice broke as he panted. “You’re wearing that fucking dress.”
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