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Answered Challenge

LJ name of the person who made the challenge: Coricomile
Title: Just Another Blonde Haired Fuck
Fandom(s): Green Day/American Idol
Pairings{s}: Billie Joe Armstrong/Clay Aiken
Summary: He has a hot voice, hot ass and he’s skinny. I’ve always been a sucker for the skinny ones. He’s all fuckin innocent too, though I’ve learned it’s the innocent ones you need to watch out for.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Billie Joe Armstrong or Clay Aiken. Dammit.

A/n: So sorry it took so long, but my mom deleted everything off my comp without me knowing and so I lost this. I re-wrote it in my journal then I left my journal at my grandmas and barely got it back today. Sorry it's short too!

Another boring ass interview. Who gives a fuck what we think about the 90’s, honestly it’s over with nobody wants to relive it. This shit is so fucking stupid and there isn’t even anyone hot around to pass the time. Wait, wait hold up. Rewind. Hot blonde dead center. He looks familiar. He’s that kid from American Idol… what’s his name... Gray, Jay, Clay!

That’s it, Clay Aiken. He has a hot voice, hot ass and he’s skinny. I’ve always been a sucker for the skinny ones. He’s all fuckin innocent too, though I’ve learned it’s the innocent ones you need to watch out for. Take Joel Madden for example, looks sweet, but damn he’s one kinky fucker. He fucks his twin too and that’s so fuckin hot.

Anyways back to that Clay kid. He’s looking over here, yeah he definitely sees me watching him. Well I guess I am kind of staring and anyone would notice it, but who fuckin cares. I walk over to him and quickly flash a sexy grin.

“Um… hi…” he stutters out looking down at the ground.

“Hey, I’m Billie Joe,” I said leaning against the wall.

“I…I know… I mean um I’m Clay” he said. Aw, how cute he knows who I am. Ha.

“I know,” I said with a smirk. He blushed. Well he is pretty cute when he gets nervous, but more so it’s turning me on.

I stuck my hand out and he nervously shook it. I smirked a little again shaking his hand just a little too long. When he pulled back I let my fingers brush against his skin. The tips of my fingers kind of hooked with his and he shivered slightly. He nervously looked down at his shoes so I took advantage of this and slipped the ring I had on off of my fingers and let it fall by his feet.

“Oops…” I said about to pick it up.

“I got it,” he said bending and getting it. As he was coming back up he came face to um… something with my crotch. He blushed once again and stood up quickly handing me my ring. I motioned to my trailer with a smirk and twinkle in my eyes. His eyes widened and he shook his head quickly.

“I… I’m not l-like that,” he said quietly. I rolled my eyes.

“Oh come on everyone has randomly fucked once in a while,” I said and was going to say more but he cut me off.

“No, I mean… I’m not… I mean I don’t…” I laughed.

“Oh you mean you’re not queer? That’s what they all say, kid” He looked away when I said this so I took my chance and grabbed his dick through his pants.

He jumped back quickly and tried to act big and confident. I laughed again and rolled my eyes. What the hell this kid looks he could be in a movie about Santa Clause and he’s trying to act like he’s Mr. Tough guy.

“I said I’m not like that and I meant it,” he said still trying to act confident. Right, whatever.

I leaned into his ear and whispered, “We’ll see kid, we’ll see…” I’m not giving up. He might not be the easiest, but he’s still manageable. This thing lasts for three days and I say that’s plenty of time to get into the kids pants. Dammit I’m fuckin hard now.
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